Swiss Miss Fondue: Part One

photoTonight I’m finally back in action in New York City after a long business trip in Geneva, Davos, and Zurich, Switzerland. Unfortunately I missed my sister’s birthday while in the Swiss Alps so to make it up to her, I’m hosting her at her new apartment for a night of proper Swiss fondue, complete with crusty bread, dijon new potatoes and fresh salad (sketch above). Beyond the basics, I have some other delicious surprises waiting for her including fois gras, a luxurious bottle of kirsch, a good bottle of Fendant, chocolate truffles and a dozen decadent macarons made in Zurich less than two days ago.

While I’ve dined on cheese fondue many a time, I’ve never actually made it, so I look forward to reporting back once the birthday party is over. Happy Birthday, Kippy!

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