Lower East Side Walking Food Tour

Pickled OrkraPIckled Vegetables

You know those friends who are cool and awesome, who you can always count on for a turbo-charged Saturday night? OK, well add the keen ability to find random, fun, wholesome daytime activities around the city, and those are my friends.  This weekend we set out on a walking food tour of the Lower East Side with Big Onion Walking Tours. It was $23 for a 2-hour tour featuring Afro-Caribbean, Chinese, Jewish and Italian cuisine to tell the story of 20th century immigration to the area. We stopped at a half dozen shops and restaurants eating “noshes” along the way  including: fried plantains, spicy tofu, sour pickles, cannolis, Chinese Ice cream and antipasti.  Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, definitely take a pregnant lady on this tour.


The “noshes” were nice but left us with a serious dumpling craving after the tour ended in the heart of Chinatown.  A detour to North Dumpling for their famous pork and vegetable dumplings did the trick. Definitely a great way to discover New York!

North Dumpling’s Famous Pork Dumpling

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