Two Coudies Archive: “Corn on the Cob”

Happy 4th of July! Everyone is surely out grillin’ and chillin’ in celebration of this great nation.  I pulled this Two Coudies post from our 4th of July party from 2009 where I made a disastrous (but precious) batch of cupcakes decorated to look like corn on the cob.


This is by far my most amazing food feat: cupcakes in the guise of corn on the cob. Too cute for words, I know. I found the idea in this cupcake book I stumbled upon at a specialty bookstore. It was as if the gods had heard my prayers and gifted me with this totally useless but equally precious cupcake decorating book. I was saved and it only took me $ 16.95.

 I made the cupcakes from a box of cornbread muffin mix, jazzed up with a can of creamed corn, a half cup of sour cream and one cup of cheddar cheese baked according to the instructions on the box. The frosting was two packs if cream cheese and powdered sugar and a teaspoon of lemon juice. For the kernels I used yellow, white and butter flavored jelly beans. The “pad of butter” is actually a yellow saltwater taffy candy and the “parsley flakes” are green sugar crystals. I put three each in corn trays and pierced the ends with corncob handles.
My only advice if you decide to do this is to make sure you do it in an air-conditioned house. I did in my Cape Cod kitchen with no AC and everything was sliding off the frosting. I almost lost my marbles over that one. Oh, and don’t drink coffee that day either because when I finally finished them, my hand twitched and I dropped the cupcakes face down on the table. I died. Cute though, huh?

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