Palm Springs: the World’s Best Jetlag Cure

Those lemons...

Those lemons…

palm springs

The Jet Lag Cure: soft scrambled eggs with cilantro, avocado and radish salad with the sweetest grapefruit/pomelo…at 4am.

It’s so icy, cold and miserable here in New York.  I’m doing anything to distract myself from my frostbitten misery so to help ease the pain of this arctic tundra, I’d like to drink heavily go back to two weeks ago when I was in the desert. After a long business trip to Europe, I met the family in Palm Springs for Sissy’s 30th birthday. Mom and Dad rented a big, beautiful house with a totally tricked out kitchen and BBQ. Keep in mind, the only thing I care about after these long, cooking-less business trips is making the most luscious, proper breakfast (because I wake up at 3am and have nothing to do. Thank you 9-hour jet lag!) and being in the kitchen as much as possible, so this was heaven.

The homeowners had a lemon and grapefruit (maybe a pomelo?) tree in the backyard that I was completely obsessed with…that’s basically the punch line of this whole story. Nothing else mattered really. Oh, except Sissy turning 30, our amazing adventure to Joshua Tree National Park, and Palm Canyon, and the fact that it rained in the desert. Those were pretty amazing too.  But the real highlight for me was putting all that citrus to use, serving up seriously decadent and zesty meals like an al fresco lunch of grilled leg of lamb and a lemony red bulgar salad, and for dinner, herb and lemon marinated Mahi Mahi with a simple salad drizzled with lemon vinaigrette and cocktails made with vodka and fresh squeezed lemonade. Let’s just say, my family does not have scurvy.

Thank you, Palm Springs and your bountiful citrus trees! You definitely proved to be the world’s best jet lag cure! Can we go back now?!

Check out some pics from the trip, but first, the cutest pic of Sissy and me! Can’t believe she’s so…OLD! Jk…love you Kippy.

Sissy and me

Can you even process the cuteness?

Palm Springs love

Together again after both being on business trips for most of January!

joshua tree near Palm Springs

The view from Joshua Tree National Park

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The great furry palms of Palm Canyon


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