Love and Penguins on the Cape of Good Hope

***This isn’t a food post, but the first of three posts from my recent trip to South Africa. I promise the other two will include food.***

Recently, Stingray and I met up in South Africa for a romantic trip before he tries his luck in the world of African entrepreneurship.  I learned that there’s a lot of pressure on these types of trips to have the perfect time, be on your best behavior (as in, not throw a tantrum if you have to choose between seeing the African penguins or going to lunch ) and see absolutely everything so you can report back to your friends  just how freaking fabulous your romantic getaway was.  This trip represented even more pressure given when it ended, I got on a plane back to our apartment in Manhattan and he, on a plane to a new life  in the bustling city of Addis Ababa.DSCN1240

So given all this, our trip definitely wasn’t something out of a Sandal’s Resort commercial (strep throat and food poisoning made sure of this) but after a week of zigzagging through South Africa, we made it to the Cape of Good Hope on a day when the sun couldn’t decide whether to stay or go, with a seascape of air and wind and waves so eerie, I almost expected a 15th century, India-bound ship to sail right by us. We took some photos and kissed at the top of a rock formation and with that, we headed back to Cape Town and the next day, we went our separate ways.

There’s something to be said about driving with the person you love, watching them in an entirely different light, under an unfamiliar constellation of  stars, shuffling through maps you can’t read, thinking, “There’s no one I’d rather be  with than you.”DSCN1228

Love you, Stingray. Thank you for a memorable adventure.

Those damn penguins that kept me from a delicious lunch....

Those damn penguins that kept me from a delicious lunch….

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