The Karmic Boomerang is real! New Year, new beginning for me

NorthforksunsetL’shana tova to my fellow Jews! The leaves are starting to turn, the air is getting crisp, acorns are raining from the trees, my fingers are swollen with salt from all the brisket eating. Fall and the New Year have arrived! The spring and early summer proved extremely challenging for me to the point where I neglected the kitchen and my blog – a sure sign of my emotional unrest.  Stingray and I were wrestling out of a transformative rough patch, our Manhattan apartment was making my skin crawl, work was keeping me up at night,  my cats were still at my parents house in Massachusetts, and I was suffering from two severe stomach ulcers.

All parts of my life were in complete disarray but I felt like I didn’t even have the energy or interest to turn it all around.   Luckily, I had several incredible trips planned for the summer which helped get my head and heart in a more positive place. The universe must have felt my distress because all that negative energy has boomeranged back to me in the most incredible ways –  I moved into my dream apartment in Brooklyn with Stingray and the kitties, my health is fully restored and best of all, Stingray proposed to me under the shade of an oak tree at the Gristmill in my hometown of Sudbury.

While I’m not a particularly spiritual or existential person, I have a new found love, fear and respect for the power of positive thinking and the belief that if you put something into the universe it will truly come back to you. With my heart, health and mind fully restored I can’t wait to get back to my bloggy, the last thing I should ever let go of in these times uncertainty and unrest.

Stingray took this photo of me 5 years ago on his first trip to my hometown

Stingray took this photo of me 5 years ago on his first trip to meet my family in Sudbury


Eva and Stingray sitting in a tree…


Our new happy home!

Our new happy home!


The fuzzies are home

The fuzzies are home



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