Swiss Miss Fondue: Part Deux

photo (1)So…fondue…turns out it’s a little harder to make than I thought.  Mine was lumpy and separated, looking more like an aerial shot of the sinking city of Venice than a creamy delicious pot of cheese. Aren’t you just supposed to dump cheese and wine into a pot and  melt it?!

Regardless, I went over to Sissy’s house early in the morning on Thursday  to drop off her new fondue pot and the delectable bounty from Zurich. Since we’re two sister’s with no self-control, we broke open the macarons and ate the whole box…with some cheese eggs… and toast. 

photo (5)

photo (3)

Afterwards, on a really expensive sugar-high, I went to her local grocery store to pick up  salad materials, bread and some dipping vegetables for the fondue. Later that night when I came back over, everything was all set and ready to assemble. Despite my fondue not fondue-ing properly, it was simply delicious. With foie gras, a crisp salad, good wine (Switzerland has failed me on this front, I’m sorry) and fantastic company, we dipped and dined to our hearts’ desire, making for (what I think was) the perfect belated birthday celebration.

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