A Day in the Life of the Orchard Queen!

A Saturday under the apple trees…

This weekend I went north to Massachusetts for a proper fall getaway. The family and I woke up early late and headed to Honey Pot Hill Orchard.  Only one of the most delicious places to be this time of year, Honey Pot is a hybrid orchard-farm where you can feed pigs, goats, sheep and bunnies, go on a hayride, pick apples, sip cider, eat apple cider donuts, AND brave the largest hedge maze in North America.  We had the pleasure of getting a personal, VIP  tour by Honey Pot’s best employee…my Mom!

We started the day off by meeting all of Mom’s co-workers!

Then we stopped by the break room.  Everyone there is always eating donuts…

Apple Cider Donuts with Cinnamon and Sugar

We didn’t want to distract everyone from their work, so we pitched in!…

Apple Picking!

We worked up quite an appetite, so unfortunately this happened:

We needed desperately to walk off our chili dogs, so we headed up the hill to “North America’s Largest Hedge Maze”:

…it took 7 years to grow!

Thanks for a great day at the office, Mom! xo

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